Inspection Manager Express / Explorer

With Inspection Manager Express / Explorer software, you are a measurement operator, enter the measurements manually using the tablet, or enter the measurements with the auto-entry meter and save the meter database.


Use Inspection Manager Express; In many companies, measurement operators measure and write reports. While doing these operations, both time loss and writing mistakes occur. It also causes the measurements to remain on paper and results in statistical failure to follow the measurement results, disturbing the product management cycle.

Inspection Manager Express / Explorer is fully functional here.

  1. With Inspection Manager, technical drawings are ballooned within minutes.
  2. Each operator defines the parts and metrics to be measured.
  3. The operator is measured by means of measuring instruments with assigned gauges (manual gauges are also permissible).
  4. The measurement results are automatically transferred to the Inspection Manager database.
  5. You choose what you want from your customized report formats and automatically follow the results.


  • Accuracy: With Inspection Manager, you can read and write values more accurately with automatic ballooning and automatic input measuring instruments,
  • Speed: Measurement focus, not measurement writing during measurement, tabulation of all measurements in minutes with Inspection Manager,
  • Security: Automatic saving of measurement data in database, saving all measurements in SQL database,
  • Integration: Compatibility with all processes that use the SQL database (such as product management process)
  • Planning: Preparing measurement plans, determining who will measure with which equipment,
  • Compatibility: It is possible to transfer the results of measuring end devices such as CMM (csv, xls, tmp formats) to report.

Fields of Use

Especially Inspection Manager Express / Explorer software can be used in the planning of the measurement operators who use the conventional measurement tools, in transferring the measurement results to the database and therefore monitoring the measurement statistics, and in the determination of critical errors during measurement.

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