What is 3D scanning?

3-dimensional scanning is the process of recording digital data from physical objects. Nowadays, modern manufacturing technology is carried out using computer aided manufacturing (CAM) methods. For this reason, computer-aided programs are used to design, analyze, mold and manufacture the desired objects. Therefore, the object needs to have CAD data. The light sources and camera lenses vary depending on the used technologies. As a result, each scanning technology offers different advantages according to their application areas, sensitivity and dimensions.

How to do 3D scanning?

3D scanning systems are digitizing millions of points while a light source is projected on the scanned object. The camera of the scanning device processes multiple photos of the object with its reflected light. Then, the system puts all of the pictures together and creates a “point cloud”. This data can be given as polygon data according to the used software. In general terms, the polygon data can be seen as the “surface data” of the object. Internal details of a part can be obtained with X-Ray CT technologies. The commonly used data formats are STL, OBJ, PLY, WRL, etc.

3D Scanning Applications

3D scanning systems are used in most of our engineering services such as Reverse Engineering, Quality Control and -Reporting. Below are some of the examples:

  1. Automotive Product Development
  2. Analysis of competing products in durable consumer goods
  3. Modernization projects for Defense industry
  4. Customized implants/ prosthesis projects and surgical simulations in the medical sector
  5. Reverse Engineering for molding techniques
  6. Customized clothing design in textile sector
  7. Restoration of historical buildings
  8. Maintenance of factories/ production sites

Ek bilgi almak için aşağıdaki linkleri takip edebilirsiniz;

  1. http://www.optical-metrology-centre.com/Downloads/Tech_Briefs/TechBrief_SinglePtOpticalTriangulation.pdf
  2. 3D Digitization

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Advantages of 3D Scanning

  1. High sensitivity
  2. Short time of measurement and data acquisition
  3. 100% of the surface data can be obtained
  4. Lack of personal error
  5. No limits according to size and complexity
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Critical Factors While 3D Scanning

  1. Digitization systems are developing on a daily basis. Thus, professionals need to be up-to-date.
  2. 3D scanning equipment should be certified to achieve sensitive data
  3. 3D scanning technologies have different characteristics. Let our experienced engineers choose the most suitable technology for your object
  4. The used system should be chosen concerning the required precision
  5. The provided data can be customized according to the needs
  6. The calibration of the system is important for the reliability of the obtained data
  7. Moving parts should be scanned with fixtures
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