What is Silicone Molding?

Silicone Molding is one of the fastest manufacturing methods. Before the mass production begins, it is better to pre-produce your objects for field tests or early marketing reasons. This production method is for a low-/medium volume without huge investments into the production infrastructure.

How is  Silicone Molding made?

For Silicone Molding there is a master model required. This can be either 3D printed or manufactured by a CNC machine. After surface treatment, the master model is ready for molding and silicone can be poured on top of the surface to replicate its shape. As soon as the mold becomes “solid”, the object can be detached, while the silicone keeps its shape. The remaining hollow space of the master model is left and can be filled with casting material to replicate the shape.The number of castings possibly made with one silicone mold varies according to the geometry and material of the part. The more complex the geometry of the part is, the more early the mold becomes porous. Therefore, the number of casting decreases. The optional material that can be used depends on the required characteristics of the customer’s object. Therefore, this technique serves different industries such as automotive, defense, aerospace, medical and much more. Check out our British branch’s website (Hyperlink to: for further information in English.

Silicone Molding Advantages

  1. Silicone Molding is a very practical and low-cost manufacturing method
  2. This technique is faster than most of its alternatives.
  3. Minimal initial investment costs
  4. It offers serious advantages in getting out early.
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Critical Factors Of Silicone Molding

  1. In some case, conventional methods might be cheaper
  2. The original product material might not be available for Silicone Molding.