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Cookie Policy


We, POLİGON MÜHENDİSLİK ÜRÜN GELİŞTİRME VE İMALAT TEKNOLOJİLERİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (“POLIGON”) pay utmost attention to protect and process the personal data of our (“Platform” or the “Website”) visitors in accordance with the Law no.6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and Secondary Legislations (“Personal Data Protection Legislations”). Within the scope of the disclosure obligation arising from the Personal Data Protection Legislation of POLIGON, we would like to inform you about the cookies used within the scope of the operation of our Platform and your personal data processed with this “Cookie Policy within the Scope of Health in The World Platform Use”.

Which Type of Cookies Do We Use?

Cookies are small, data containing files formed by a website in your device. Accordingly, the cookies we use via your visit to our Platform enable the information about your visit to be kept and used in your following visits.

The cookies formed by POLIGON and read only by POLIGON are the primary cookies. Access to our Website content is also possible through domain names other than the one on our internet address. In such circumstances each domain name forms a specific third-party cookie.

Cookies we use in our Platform and their purposes are as follows:

  • Session Cookies: Session cookies are valid during your visit to the Platform and keep their validity until you close your internet browser.
  • Persistent Cookies: These cookies hide in your browser and keep their validity until their date of expiry or the time you delete. The information collected by these cookies cannot be used for marketing purposes. If the use of such cookies is not allowed, various parts of the Platform may not be available.
  • Compulsory/Essential Cookies: They are compulsory for the Platform to work properly and for you to benefit from the services or features. The information collected by these cookies cannot be used for marketing purposes. If the use of such cookies is not allowed, various parts of the Platform may not be available.
  • Functional and Analytical Cookies: These cookies are used to remember your choices during the visit, provide an effective use of the Platform, optimize the Platform according to the requests and store the data about how you use the Platform. In compliance with its qualifications these cookies may contain your personal data. The language preference is one of the examples to the data processed via these cookies.
  • Performance Cookies: They are anonymous cookies that help the Platform to develop. These types of cookies are used in the detection of the most visited pages or the errors received by collecting information about how visitors use the Platform.
  • Tracking Cookies: These are primary and third-party cookies created during your visit to our Platform and third-party domain names. These cookies make it possible to track your click and visit history on the domains where they were created and to match these records between different domains. These types of cookies are used for the purpose of recognizing and profiling users, targeting advertising and marketing activities, and customizing the content. These cookies will not be used to identify you or to make customized personal decision.
  • Target or Advertising Cookies: Such cookies are usually placed by Platform advertising networks in line with POLIGON’s information. Usage purposes of these cookies; It consists of showing relevant and personalized ads, limiting the number of ads shown, measuring the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, and remembering your visit preferences.
Through the third-party cookies in our Platform, we aim to provide you a more productive and functional internet experience. In order to secure your personal data, POLIGON has a privacy agreement, which is compatible with the Personal Data Protection Legislations, with all these third-party service providers.

Purposes and Legal Reasons for Processing Cookies

Cookies; It is used to perform the basic functions required for the operation of the Platform (for example, if the members who log in do not need to enter their password again while visiting different pages on the Platform), to analyse the Platform and to increase the performance of the Platform (for example, integration of different servers on which the Platform is working, determining the number of visitors to the Platform and making performance settings accordingly or making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for), to increase the functionality of the Platform and to provide ease of use (for example, sharing to third party social media channels on the Platform, remembering the user name information or search queries in the next visit of the visitor to the Platform) and to perform personalization, targeting and advertising activities (for example, showing ads linked to visitors’ interests on the pages and products/services visitors view, if applicable).

Technical cookies, in order to provide the Platform to you in a working manner, processed based on legal reasons stated in Article 5/2/c of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (“Law”), “it is necessary to process personal data belonging to the parties of the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or execution of a contract”. Other cookies, rather than technical ones, are processed on the basis of the legal reason that “data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the relevant person” specified in Article 5/2/f of the Law. In addition, the types of cookies that require explicit consent in your cookie preferences, which are transmitted to be managed within the scope of this Cookie Information Text, are processed based on the legal reasons of your explicit consent in Article 5/1 of the Law.

Storage and Accessibility of The Cookies

The cookies formed by our Platform are stored in your computer through your internet browser used to access our Website. The content of these cookies is only accessible by our Website under the domain name and if you use the same browser remote access is also possible.

Management and Usage of the Cookies

Your internet browsers automatically accept the cookies used in the sites you generally visit. The use of cookies in order to use our Platform is not mandatory, but if you set your browser to block all cookies, the quality of your user experiences may fall and may prevent you from accessing our Platform or benefit the various functions provided in our Platform. In particular, technical cookies enable the Platform to fulfill its basic functions (for example, the information you enter in the name of signing into the Platform is transferred to HealthInTheWorld internet servers, enabling you to log in to the Platform, saving your login information if you prefer, etc.). Since technical cookies constitute the technical operation of the Platform, if you turn them off, it may be possible that some functions on the Platform will not work properly.

You can configure your browser to block cookies for all or specific websites, warn when a cookie is formed, block the third-party cookies, or assume all cookies as session cookies. On the other side, you can delete cookies stored on your device through your browser or view the list of these cookies and their values and follow them. You can click on the browsers listed below and get a detailed information about its cookie management.

In Addition;

  • Click here to turn off Cookies managed by Google Analytics.
  • Click here to manage the personalized advertising experience provided by Google.
  • In terms of cookies used by many companies for advertising activities, preferences can be managed through Your Online Choices The settings menu of the mobile device can be used to manage Cookies on mobile devices. 
  • For more detailed information about cookies, you can visit or or use the “Privacy Badger” application ( 
  •  HealthInTheWorld uses cookies within the scope of the Data Protection Statement in addition to this Cookie Information Text and reserves the right to change the terms of use and Cookie Policy regarding cookies. 


Security of Your Personal Data

Cookies are not used for purposes other than the ones stated in this Cookie Information Text and all related processes are carried out in accordance with Personal Data Protection Legislations. Your personal data obtained via cookies are processed, stored, and secured by HealthInTheWorld in compliance with Personal Data Protection Legislations. Regarding the non-cookie personal data processing activities, please review the Data Protection Statement.

Your Right to Information

Within the scope of Article 11 of the Law no. 6698, you may apply to HealthInTheWorld about your rights according to “Veri Sorumlusuna Başvuru Usul ve Esasları Hakkında Tebliğ” This cookie information text/policy may be updated to comply with the changing process of Personal Data Protection Legislations. If you are on our automatic mail list, you will be informed about our updates via e-mail. If you are not on our automatic mail list, we kindly request you to visit our Website frequently for updates.