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HP 3D Printers

HP Full Color 3D Printer – HP Renkli 3D Printer Jet Fusion 500/300

HP Jet Fusion 500 Series

The 500 series is the first series of color 3D printers produced by HP, which is the owner of patented MJF technology. Which is specially produced for small/medium-sized product development teams, design firms and universities, has followed a cost-effective policy for these series.

hp jet fusion 3d 4200 4210

HP Jet Fusion 4200\4210

The 4200 3D Printer offers MJF technology 10 times faster than SLS and 25 times faster than FDM. With its high measuring accuracy and high recycling rate, it restarts the 3D printer revolution by offering up to 50% cost per piece.

Jet Fusion 5200 3D Printer

Jet Fusion 5200 Series

The 5200 3D Printer Series consists of three machines: 5200, 5210 and 5210 Pro. These new hardware comes with many improvements and upgrades that provide the user with a productivity greater than the 4200 series with a 40% lower "total cost per part" and 40% lower.

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