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Create your CMM codes automatically with PAS CMM...

Pas CMM is an offline CMM program and generates code for the machine’s own software. So pcdmis, mcosmos etc. does not replace, does not connect directly to the machine, but after defining the characteristics of the machine and probes;

Reads the dimensions in your CAD software.
It automatically recognizes each element.
Automatically outputs the toolpath.
After that, your CMM code is prepared and you can see the simulation of this code in PAS CMM.
You can run it directly by throwing it into the computer connected to the workbench (it is reliable).

  1. CAD yazılımınızdaki ölçüleri okur.
  2. Her unsuru otomatik olarak tanır.
  3. Otomatik olarak takım yolunu çıkarır.
  4. Bundan sonra CMM kodunuz hazırlanmış olur ve bu kodun simülasyonunu PAS CMM içinde görebilirsiniz.
  5. Tezgâha bağlı bilgisayara atarak direk çalıştırabilirsiniz (güvenilirdir).

Pas CMM is an offline CMM program, but the stalls produce code for their own software. In other words, it does not replace pcdmis, mcosmos etc., it does not connect directly to the counter, but after describing the characteristics of the counter and probes;

  1. Reads the measurements in your CAD software,
  2. It automatically recognizes each feature,
  3. Automatically makes the team path,
  4. After that, your CMM code will be prepared and you can see the simulation of this code in PAS CMM.
  5. You can run it directly by throwing it into the computer connected to the machine (it is reliable).

You can also use and make changes to any shortcuts you can normally make after you throw your counter software to the computer you’re using.The strongest part is that it can generate code for all DMIS code-based software, that is, for all machines except Zeiss.You can run the generated code on different counters by saving it differently. It is a very powerful software compatible with Catia, Unigraphics, ProEngineer and Solidworks.

  1. It works offline, so you can continue to produce code while your counter is running.
  2. You don’t have to run separate staff for each brand counter. A person who knows the program can generate code for all your looms.
  3. You cannot connect the future of your company to brands. You can also use looms from other brands.
  4. You can set your counters free. Instead of waiting for the measurement of the product you are preparing the program to be full of counters, you can send it to other counters as easily as it is to save it differently.
  5. Automatically recognizes all elements. You don’t need to specify where the plane is, where the hole, etc., and that gives you incredible speed.
  6. If you’ve measured your pictures with its compatibility with the best-known CAD software, it takes a few minutes to schedule. In this way, disagreements between R&D and Quality are eliminated. Because R&D will already be measured, and your CMM code will come out accordingly.
  7. You can also measure much faster than the CMM programs you already use, even if there are no measurements on data from your customers.
  8. Since it works in compliance with the HighQA program, if you use both, you will write code in the order in which you ballooned in HighQA and you can automatically get reports of the measurement results with your own template.
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