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CNC technologies are used in all areas of single, small or mass production.  The cutting tool removes the chipping based on the raw material, prototyping and CNC production technologies. From single-axis drilling to multi-axis hybrid machining, many methods are still indispensable in production.

On CNC and Prototype Technologies

We often use CNC technologies to process initial sampling, single production, high dimensional accuracy, injection or special raw material groups that cannot be produced with 3D printers. Part processing is done automatically.
Reproducibility sensitivity is very sensitive. Banother superior feature greatly reduces the potential for human error. These components bring high speed and precision. Something that can’t be achieved with other processing processes, such as manual processing. The process itself is more precise and can give the same product over and over again, giving the same product the same features over and over again.

There is No Sector and Material Separation

CNC technology works with a wide range of materials such as metal, plastic, wood, foam, composite, engineering materials. It finds itself in a variety of applications in many industries such as automotive, defense, aerospace, end-user electronics, mechatronics and agriculture. Products such as auto parts, surgical equipment, aircraft components, agricultural machinery are frequently used in initial trial production or in low-volume production processes.

Weapon to Save Time

CNC processing is a highly efficient manufacturing process that enables machine and computer controls to be done automatically at high levels of automation. With a good team path optimization to be done, we will stand out from dead times in machine processing.

Guarantees Measurable Accuracy

When the necessary parameters (a good tool path, good cutting tools, good positioning, etc…) are provided, the machine can be precise according to the measurement calibration values. This allows you to capture the delicate values in the design the first time and get the right product.