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Electronic Component Packaging Design

What is Electronic Component Packaging Design?

Electronic Component Packaging Design; In order for the electronic products used to work under appropriate conditions, electronic component information is required along with mechanical design. The issues such as the arrangement of the electronic cards, the condition of the installation place, the location of the sensor, usb, button, lighting equipment are of great importance. Design requirements are established by taking into account sectoral requests, test conditions, ease of maintenance of the product and safety of the product. In this context, the internal component design is shaped.


Mechanically designed products are tested with realistic prototypes. Attention should be paid to the material of everything from the shell of the product to hardware materials such as screws, nuts and bolts. Hardware with incorrect features can cause a product to malfunction years before the expected life cycle. An important part of the product design is to ensure that selected materials and components are easily found and well supplied. It is very important that the hardware components can be supplied from the current market. The use of a difficult component in the design causes the project to be disrupted after it has started production. Since products and materials are well supplied, it is well established and easy to switch to alternatives.

Advantages of Electronic Component Packaging Design

  1. It is a holistic design method that works with product design.
  2. It allows plastic parts to work in harmony with the electronic working group.
  3. Packaging design is easy as long as the working principles of electronic components are known.
  4. With material information, connection elements can be used with electronic components, and transfer parts can be used in harmony.
  5. With this method, especially the end user can easily make products both industrial and internal mechanical design.