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We are happy to announce our cooperation with Stratasys.

En İyiler Poligon'u Seçer!

The best ones choose the Polygon!

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Stratasys F123 CR Series

“More powerful, more accurate and more F123CR composite printers are built on the same platform with proven 99% uptime and 99% dimensional repeatability performance. Material tuning – optimizes printing parameters using more than 220 measurements and ensures consistent material performance at all resolutions.

Hello Origin One® Goodbye Extra Tooling Time

“Next generation parts production starts with Stratasys. How about meeting a game-changing 3D printer that enables mass production of parts that can be produced using a wide variety of high-performance materials? Here comes Origin One with P3™ Programmable Photopolymerization technology. Get industry-leading accuracy, consistency, detail, and efficiency. Get ready for a whole new era of 3D printing. It takes an ecosystem to transform an industry. Stratasys was developed in collaboration with leading chemical companies in the innovative photopolymers industry, with the aim of unlocking end-user products in many different categories with the 3D printing method. Origin One can be manufactured from a wide variety of approved single-component, commercial grade materials. The resins are designed to be easy to use and quickly post-processable with long shelf lives.
Stratasys Origin One
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Stratasys F123 Serisi 3D Yazcılar
Hakkındaki Videoyu Oynat Stratasys F123 Serisi 3D Yazcılar

Stratasys F Series

“F123 Series printers combine industrial-grade capability with ease of use. Requiring no special expertise, the F123 printers offer carbon fiber 3D printing, fast and easy material replacement and automatic calibration capabilities for accurate and reliable results.

Fortus 450MC

“Designed for modern production.”

The Fortus 450MC 3D Printer delivers accurate, reliable performance that allows you to transform supply chains, speed up production and reduce production costs.

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Fortus 900

“Produce on a large scale Trusted by global industry leaders in manufacturing, the high-performance F900 3D printer sets the standard for reliable, accurate 3D printing. Whether you’re printing complex geometry or a large piece, the F900 delivers accurate results every time.


“Big pressures with small budgets…” Print large parts up to one meter long with an affordable large format 3D printer. The F770 offers extensive production capabilities in an easy-to-use platform with the reliability and consistency of Stratasys FDM technology.
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Object 30 Pro / Prime

“Precision prototyping on your desktop.” The Objet30 provides accurate and versatile 3D printing – all from your desktop. With excellent print resolution, the Objet30 lets you create single material parts with smooth surfaces, small moving parts, and details like thin walls. The roomy tray size provides the versatility for a variety of consumer goods, electronics, medical devices and more. Thanks to GrabCAD Print, the Objet30 also provides a user-friendly workflow, so you can get printing faster and manage print jobs with ease.
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J55 Prime

“Possibilities at every turn…” The J55 Prime 3D printer introduces full color, high fidelity with tactile, functional and sensory capabilities – making the efficiency and quality of PolyJet Technology more affordable and office friendly than ever before. Create over 640,000 unique combinations, including Pantone Verified colors and save hours of time by replacing hand-painting techniques with vibrant color finishes. Create everything from quick design iterations to high quality final prototypes, all in a compact, quiet, and odorless process.

J35 Pro

“The versatile multi-material office printer. The J35 Pro is an affordable PolyJet 3D printer suitable for the shared office offering multi-material capabilities for functional design and concept modeling providing engineers and designers the versatility to produce parts that match their exact needs. Need a better understanding of how the J35 Pro simplifies your workflow? The J35 Pro e-book provides detailed data and screenshots. You won’t believe how easy it is.
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Stratasys J8 Series

“Challenge, meet versatility…” From ideation to creation, the J8 series helps you deliver better results in less time. Get products to market faster, saving money and ensuring customer satisfaction. Increase expertise, make your business resilient and serve as many needs as possible with one powerful technology.