Zortrax Apoller is a smart device that automatically corrects the visible layer traces with MEK or acetone vapors on models produced with FDM technology. The smoothing process makes FDM 3D models look equal to injection-molded parts.

Ease of Use

SVS Technology

Quality and Productivity

Certified Security

Wide Compatibility

Zortrax Apoller Ease of Use

Settings are selected on an intuitive touchscreen. Once done, Zortrax Apoller only needs 3 hours to smooth all the models inside the room.

Zortrax Apoller SVS Technology

The SVS technology in Zortrax Apoller is based on advanced proprietary algorithms that manage the concentration of temperature, pressure and solvent vapors in a double sealed, airtight softening chamber.In order to prevent vapors from escaping, the pressure in the chamber is always kept below ambient pressure.

Zortrax Apoller Quality and Efficiency

The vapors in the chamber are circulated upward to properly coat the pattern. In this way, all surfaces are smoothed. After the softening process, Zortrax Apoller lowers the temperature inside to intensify the solvent and put it back in storage. A 300 ml bottle of acetone or MEK can be used repeatedly.

Certified Security

The security system of Zortrax Apoller with multiple levels of security is designed by the ATEX 2014/34 /EU Directive to meet high standards for regulating equipment for explosive environments. That’s why Zortrax Apoller is easy to implement in workshops and safe to use.

Wide Compatibility

Zortrax Apoller works with both acetone and butanone (MEK), which are commonly found and inexpensive solvents. The device can be applied to Z-ABS, Z-ULTRAT, Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-ASA Pro and Z-HIPS or 3D models produced with third-party equivalents.

Zortrax Apoller Product Gallery

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