PAS Technology

PAS Technology (Production Automation Solutions), focuses on what the quality assurance process for complex parts is and production, one of the most expensive steps in the supply chain. PAS is a team of manufacturing experts with over a hundred years of mechanical CAD/CAM, PLM and PRODUCTION experience. The PAS management team is one of the founders of Cimatron (NASDAQ CIMT), founded in 1981, and SMART TEAMS (DASSAULT SYSTEMES), founded in 1995. Throughout his career, PAS has focused on quality improvement, cost reduction and automated production.


PAS Technology has successfully undertaken projects in the field of automation and controlling complex production processes. One of them, PAS CMM Inspection, is the automating of the programming process that depends on software and end users of CMM ( Coordinate Metering Machine). PAS CMM has designed a control process that all CMM software can use in common. Another project, HighQA, is software that automatically generates reports that are frequently used in quality control processes.