What is RIM Molding?

RIM Molding is the short name for Reaction Injection Molding. This technique, which is also suitable for mass production, is applied by pouring 2-component polyurethane material into the prepared silicone or polyurethane block mold with high pressure.

The choice of materials is more limited than the Silicone Molding method. It allows the production of thermoplastics by simulating many different materials such as flexible, transparent, ABS, PA and PP. In the RIM mold method, depending on the part geometry, it can be taken from 50-200 molds on average. In this way, you can meet your needs more cost-effectively with low amounts of parts.

In which areas it use?

You can benefit from RIM operations for end-user part needs, which are considered small quantities. For your end user parts needs, 50-200 units can help you reduce the unit price of each prototype.