What is Silicone Molding?

Silicone Moulding is one of the fastest manufacturing methods. It is a small rapid production method with original or equivalent materials, where necessary tests and analyses can be performed before mass production can be carried out and field tests can be done. The first part to be produced in silicone moulding is produced with a 3D printer or cnc main model. This main model is ready for moulding following the necessary surface treatment. Then the silicone is poured and the mold is removed.After the mold is taken, the desired number of casting is done. The number of castings varies according to the geometry of the part. In complex geometry parts, the mold wears out quickly and the number of castings is reduced.

About Silicone Molding

In silicone moulding, it is possible to produce materials of desired color and hardness degrees by using different casting materials according to customer demand. Suitable materials can be used for non-strict non-flammable tests that are resistant to high temperatures. It is possible to apply successive processing to parts produced with silicone mold. The parts can be painted, coated. Solutions are offered to white goods, automotive, defense industry, aerospace, medicine and similar sectors.