What is DMLS?

Direct Metal Laser Sintering is one of the few 3D printing technologies that form a direct metal part with a 3D computer model. This process is a progression of powder metallurgy, a mature metal moulding technology that uses heat and pressure to create powdered metal parts. DMP is one of the most impressive 3D printing techniques, as it allows you to print your own designs on metals such as Aluminum or Titanium.

How does it work?

DMLS melts a laser powder in the printer to create your 3D print. A thin layer of aluminum or titanium powder is spread through a roll. The print compartment of the 3D printer is then heated. The laser touches these areas of the layer, which is part of your design, raises the temperature of these areas just above the melting point, and sinters your part.

dmls metal ball
dmls fan
dmls 3d printed v8