What is Plastic Parts Design?

Plastic part design requires advanced strategic planning and experience, just like a successful team game. During plastic part design, raw material suppliers, design engineers, mold manufacturers should be in cooperation. There must be a strong plastic design that supports a successful, competitive industrial design in the market.

About Plastic Parts Design

When designing parts for injection molding, it is very important to master the production processes. There are many factors that can affect the quality of the final product and the repeatability of the production process, both during the injection and cooling stages of the plastic production process. In order to prevent adverse conditions such as collapse, deformation, measurement distances, gas traces, burrs after injection, these situations are prevented after design by plastic flow analysis. One of the most obvious considerations for product design is the materials or materials in which the product is made. This is where the use of products is necessary to ensure the survival of specific analysis of the expected life and environment. In addition, mixed materials, such as surfaces used in the product or where the product likes to touch, should be ensured to be compatible. When used in combination materials such as steel and aluminum, galvanic corrosion and premature corrosion can cause. Some plastics and tires deteriorate rapidly in oily environments.