What is 3D Quality Control and Reporting?

3D Quality Control and Reporting using 3D measurement systems (optical scanning system, laser scanning system, probe arms, coordinate measurement systems (CMM) etc.) is the evaluation of the measurements of manufactured parts.

How to do 3D Quality Control?

Dimensional quality control is done today with many measuring instruments. In addition to the conventional measuring instruments (calipers, micrometers, mihengir etc.) available in every manufacturing workshop, they are also made with 3 dimensional coordinate measuring systems ( CMM ) and 3 dimensional scanners. Point cloud data is obtained by scanning the part with scanning systems.After the obtained point cloud data is overlapped by various methods (Best-fit, RPS, 3-2-1, etc.), the differences between the nominal data are examined. The main methods used here are as follows. The application of polygon data obtained with 3-D scanning systems can give much more useful results than classical quality control applications.