What is the Color Distribution Report?

Color distribution report is the method of dimensional quality control applications commonly used by screening method. The color distribution report is a reporting method that is visually easy to understand as well as numerical results.

How to do Color Distribution Report?

In this reporting method, CAD data and Scan data are overlapped. With each dot in the scanning data, the difference between the surface and the surface is colored according to the amount of deviation so that the surface is perpendicular to normal. Here the color is calculated according to the color scale in the specified range. The color scale indicates tolerances between color transitions.

For example, as you can see in the image below, the color in blue tones represents the negative points of the CAD data and the red, orange and yellow colors represent the positive points. Refers to related deviations in intermediate colors according to scale.

The color map can be displayed as well as the deviation of each point can be displayed separately.

What is GD&T?

GD&T (Geometric Sizing and Tolerance) Geometric sizing and tolerance. In fact, it is the definition given to all measurements specified in the drawing.

How to make GD&T?

GD&T can be done by both scanning and probing method.

For example; Measurements such as flatness, linearity, orthogonality, parallelism, concentricity, angularity, circularity, cylindricality, linear dimension, angle and diameter are evaluated within this scope.

The value required to report these measurements is read from the drawing and 3D CAD data.

How to make Cutaway Measurements?

The cross-section measurement can be made by taking the cross-section on the same plane via the scanning data of the dimensions indicated on the technical drawing.

About Cutaway Measurement

Cross-sectional measurement by scanning is slightly more advantageous than other methods. A visual report can be provided here. The software shows the differences between the two-dimensional curves that occur when cutting the scan data with the plane and the curves that occur when cutting the CAD data with the color distribution in the same plane. From these curves 2D GD&T can be taken.

What is Statistical Reporting?

SPC stands for Process Statistical Control, which is composed of English words. This process, which we define as Statistical Process Control, is used to collect and analyze data to evaluate and minimize errors during a process.

What is FAI/PPAP?

Reporting methods such as FAI / PPAP are widely used, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. It is the reporting of all requirements from the production of a part.

PPAP consists of the initials of the “Production Part Approval Process”. The Turkish equivalent is the Production Part Approval Process.

How to make FAI/PPAP?

FAI is used as the ‘First Article Control’. Values obtained as a result of our dimensional measurement studies can be reported according to these formats.

Audit manager software specializing in this field PDF, tiff, Jpeg and so on. Removes the report template from the technical drawing in minutes.