Help / Returns and Exchanges

Provided that the product you have purchased is unused, you can return it within 14 days by filling out the return form on the back of your invoice, firstly notifying our company (0216) 471 8282 or and then by UPS Cargo with counter payment.

According to the “Right of Withdrawal Without Reason” article in the Consumer Law, it is the first fourteen (14) business days from the date you receive the product.

Return shipping costs of the products you send to with a return request belong to our company. You can fill out the return form on the back of the invoice that comes with your order, on the copy of the distance sales contract, and send it to the address below by UPS Cargo as “Cash Against Payment”. Return cargoes sent with other cargo companies will not be accepted. Return Address: Atatürk Nei. Gulay Str. No:5 Atasehir/Istanbul

Your return amount is calculated based on the prices of the products you send to for returns on the date of purchase. If the shipping fee is paid when purchasing your order, the shipping fee will not be refunded to you. Only the cost of the products you send back will be refunded to your account. If the orders created with the free shipping campaign are canceled/returned and the remaining amount does not meet the campaign condition, the shipping fee is deducted from the product price to be returned.

By declaring your invoice from our stores, you can exchange your unused products within 14 days. Refunds are not possible in our stores.
Returns and exchanges of products purchased with a campaign are not made from our stores.
For the return process, you must send the product to the address below in accordance with the return conditions. Return Address: Atatürk Nei. Gulay Str. No:5 Atasehir/Istanbul


If you are going to deliver it by hand, you can deliver it to our Bursa or Istanbul offices. Return address by courier: Atatürk Nei. Gulay Str. No:5 Atasehir/Istanbul

After checking the compliance of the product with the return conditions, will refund the product price to your credit card within ten (10) days.
If there is a shipping cost on your invoice, it will not be refunded to your account, only the costs of the products you send back will be refunded to you.
The product return fee to the credit card is made by your bank. During this period, our company does not have any savings.

In all your payments, the entire amount is returned to your bank by us. When you make your payment in installments, your refund will be reflected on your card every month as a plus balance equal to the installment amounts. The reflection of the refund on your credit card in installments every month is entirely related to the processes and practices of the banks. You can get detailed information about the subject from your bank.

If the purchased product is found to be defective, you can return the product or request an exchange within forty-five (45) days from the date of receipt. The products will be sent to the manufacturer for inspection, and if there is no defect arising from use, the product / products in stock will be exchanged. If the product/products are not in stock, the product price will be refunded to you.

Every order is shipped with its invoice. Your official invoice is delivered to you in a transparent plastic pocket bag, outside of the parcel containing your order. If, for any reason, your invoice did not come with your order, you can access the legal invoice for your relevant order from the ORDER TRACKING page on our website.

After the order completion stage, you can cancel the invoice process by contacting our customer service (02164718282). If the invoice process is completed, your cancellation requests will be evaluated according to the refund process.

Since the products you buy from have a limited stock (color, material, etc.), you must first get stock information from us in order to change them. If it is out of stock, you can return it to us. Or, if you wish, you can make an exchange within 14 days, provided that you present an invoice/receipt from our offices. (There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCHANGE for products that exceed 14 days and do not have a receipt. )