Produce hard, functional parts with PA12 Glass Beads

PA12 Glass Beads is a thermoplastic material filled with 40% glass bead, with both optimal mechanical properties and high reusability. It provides dimensional stability with its repeatability feature. Ideal for applications requiring high rigidity, such as enclosures, slots, fixtures and tool.

Quality for each part at the lowest cost

  • Get the lowest cost per part and reduce your cost of ownership.
  • Minimize waste – no more trashing, reuse the increased powder and get your functional parts.
  • Get stable performance that ensures reusability of 80% of the increased dust.
  • Optimize cost and part quality – industry-leading, highly dust reusable, and low cost material consumption.

Engineering of HP Multi Jet Fusion technology

  • It is designed for the production of functional parts in various industries.
  • It provides the best balance between performance and reusability.
  • It provides sealing feature without the need for succession.
  • Designed for the production of known glass bead applications with detail and dimensional precision.
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Sample pictures of parts made with PA12 Glass Beads