Quality Policy and Certificates


Poligon Muhendislik Product Development and Manufacturing Technologies Inc., Depending on engineering services; software and system sales used in design, product development, quality control, prototype applications and software and system sales used in applications, within the scope of after-sales technical support services; As Poligon Mühendislik family, we need to support our customers in launching products in the shortest time and at the lowest cost and continuously increase our customer satisfaction, To present the most innovative design, manufacturing and quality technologies and to be a pioneer in all engineering services provided with these technologies, To establish relations with our customers on the principle of confidentiality and reliability, transparency and long-term solution partnership, To create the necessary infrastructure for the training and motivation of our personnel, To comply with the laws, laws and requirements of the quality management system, To continuously improve our activities and quality management system within technological facilities, WE COMMIT. MANAGING DIRECTOR 20.05.2019